Why me

LOVE for languages

Languages have always been my passion. I started studying English when I was only 9, French in high school and Italian when I was 30 and embarked in my MA studies in Italy. Learning Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian was just a natural complement to my existing skills.

As an interpreter & translator, I enable people to communicate. This is what I love about my job.


I have a BA Degree in Interpreting (English & French to Macedonian and vice versa) from the University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. I come from the first generation of bilingual interpreters & translators of my home country.

I also hold an MA Degree in European Studies, an area that has captivated me at the beginning of my professional career and continues to do so till this very day. Institutions, politics, values and their imprint on our everyday life - one cannot ignore the time s/he lives in.

Previous jobs have helped me to acquire substantial understanding of institutional procedures and the operation of large public sector organisations. Having worked in both the public and private sector as well as as freelancing means that I know and can tailor my language services to the needs of different clients perspective.

The Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas I had the chance to acquire in Skopje (Macedonia), Birmingham (United Kingdom) and Parma (Italy) as well as numerous visits/stays in other foreign countries have granted me the possibility to look (and think!) "outside the box", but inside the booth :)


I am a dedicated professional, I comply with agreed deadlines and I am able to meet client's needs.

Trainer & Experienced in terminology

During my work experience within institutions, I have been granted the opportunity to create and revise different manuals, guides, glossaries and other instruments that make life easier for every translator and interpreter. This kind of advanced terminology and linguistic skills has allowed me, with ease and dedication, to provide tailored training sessions for civil servants who needed better insight of the English language used in EU law and EU institutions. Cherishing the original language nuances, be it during translation, preparation of national version of EU law or interpreting task, has always been one of my highest priorities. It remains to be so for every new task.

Freelance flexibility

Being a freelance has different advantages. The work of the interpreter requires a great deal of flexibility in every aspect. Working a freelance job opens up the ability to work on a variety of projects and topics with the freedom to choose your clients, your collaborators and your workload.

Networking & Dedication

I work alone and/or with a fellow translator/interpreter.

However, I would never be able to be constantly updated on all the challenges, novelties and difficulties of the profession my own. Therefore, and for a million other reasons I will not list here, I am a proud member of Tradinfo, an association of fellow professionals - translators and interpreters - based in Forlì, Italy.

My certificates of proficient use of my working languages as well as the use of different RSI platforms are available on demand.

Tradinfo 2020 Certificate of Quality and Professional Qualification of Services

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